How you can help

How You Can Help

Reader article contributions:

This blog was founded on the concept that all of us is smarter than just one of us. Some of the best posts here have come from our readers research. If you find an unusual article with good evidence and documentation about banking fraud, banking scandals, financial changes, earth changes, emerging free energy science, advanced healing technologies, antigravitics, UFOs, early human life, consciousness studies, sacred geometry and similar subjects please let us know what you found. I can't always post every article, many times I get information I have already posted, but there's lots of pieces of information that I miss on the Internet.

Please don't forward what we call "Fear Porn", the nebulous fear scenarios that leave the reader feeling like there is no hope for a brighter future. We've all seen our share of such things since Y2K and 9/11 and most all such scenarios were propagated to sell survival products, gold, silver, or draconian government legislation designed to take away human rights and dignity for political power and control.

If you have genuine information on the Illuminati, the banking cabal, or other forces seeking to oppress mankind, we are looking for verifiable and well documented articles about such groups. It doesn't serve anyone if we don't have the facts correct and you can help in this regard. This is a difficult area, subjects like banking, UFOs, ET life, early human history, and religion, has much disinformation them.  Sometimes it takes many sources, and a good deal of research to piece together the exact truth. But that's precisely the kind of puzzle work our Internet readers are best at.  There's a clever bunch of readers who visit this blog.

The emphasis of the blog does shift over time, I don't cover some subjects I once did, as I have answers to the questions I had, so I continually move foreward rather than rehash things, I have at least in my own mind resolved. I make no apology for that.

Please use discernment and don't fall for cheap hate-group articles that seek to blame the world's problems on one ethnic group, sexual orientation, nationality or religion. The secret elite groups are actually quite egalitarian in who they corrupt, control and enlist in their web of control. Don't fall for information that divides one human group from another.

Reader financial contributions:

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