Saturday, June 18, 2016

As We Shift - No Blurred Lines

So much has happened “out loud”.  Let’s dive inside for a moment.  The thing about diving is, once you break the surface, everything changes.  It’s quieter.  Instantly you are seeing clearly things unseen above.  Every sense is poised as you’ve entered another reality.  Anything might show up.

Here, there is certainty.  There are no shocking revelations or questions.  It is clear and your aim is true.  In order to get where you are headed – you’ll have to remain pointed in that direction, unwavering while observant.  Don’t miss the view.

At first, when you hit the surface, it’s sort of a mess.  Splashes that are loud and waves that cause unsteadiness are all you see, hear and feel.  Your vision is fuzzy.  It’s all very confusing and it takes a moment or six to regain control of your body and your bearings.

We did that part.  We are now deep enough to distance ourselves emotionally from the splashes, false flags and fear mongering.  We know it’s just what happens on the way in.

What remains true is your intention.  You didn’t dive in only to forget where you are headed.  Those that do will remain barely below the surface, within earshot of the splashes and noise and unable to clearly see anything at all.  They will flail and kick and not get where they were headed.

This is a moment when the line of the surface is being drawn with a permanent marker.  What you believe is real will place you firmly above or below the surface.  We are deciding.

What are noticed are some folks who previously were fiercely engaged in politics, now saying “none of that matters”.  What are witnessed are banks now demanding fingerprints and a good credit score before you can work with them.  They are looking for a very specific type of human.  What is seen is a coming together in peace rather than violence as a response to violence.  What are heard are requests for assistance from whichever side of that line you feel most aligned.

Lines are not a bad thing.  They are necessary in great art and maps of buried treasure.  Once we realize they are there, we can move beyond them towards our chosen destination; diving deep into this piece of magnificence.  This is our life.  This is our personal evolution.  We are doing a fine job.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It is with deep gratitude and much love this journey is taken with you.


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