Friday, June 17, 2016

Wild Magnetic Flux Changes - Heart and Blood Effects Possible.

By American Kabuki

Both Denice and I are noticing wild magnetic flux changes going on.  Here its been often as high as 100 uTesla within minutes and then suddenly drops to 17 uTesla. Its also noticeable as to how much it varies by location, often as in little as a 1/4 mile from a prior point.  Denice and her son witnessed a 200 uTelsa change today.  We are the cusp of some major changes to our earth and our reality.  I think this will not be a long lived phenomenon, but for the moment we are in white water ride energetics.

Here at Casa Beverly, Bev, has been struggling with low blood pressure during the drops, and high blood pressure during the highs.  She feels it, and then we check the meter and sure enough it correlates.   I encourage her to rest so she can meet that nice Andromedan man she knows is out there waiting after this is all over... LOL...

I read Zap's private email today, somehow I got on his mailing list.  He described his current heart issues as an "attack" but its sounds very much like heart and blood issues Bev has been noticing with the rapid magnetic flux changes occuring on earth.  

Those of you with blood pressure or heart issues might want to take it a little easy, especially if its hot and muggy out (the heart and lungs are really one oxygen processing unit) so perhaps a word to the wise.

This is the very simple app I am using on the iPhone, its called EMF Detector, there's
a similar function in Dr Greer's ET Contact app from CSETI, they both give the same
readings from the built in magnetometer in smart phones.  The reading here is "normal"
for this area, we have seen it as low as 10 and I have seen it one night in the living room
at 500 uTesla.  In the Italian Alps this app registered around 89 as a typical day.  Your area
will differ, but its an interesting tool to monitor the local changes going on.

BTW.. if you use this app, turn off the sound... its really annoying...

Gaia Portal: Stargates impend as Light streams coalesce

Stargates impend as Light streams coalesce
by √ČirePort

Stargates impend as Light streams coalesce.

Perishables are released from Hue-man consciousness.

Standards of Inner behavior present to all Gaia personnel.

Flamboyants are noted, and removed.

Prescient compliance is appreciated.

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